Could Voting in 2022 Benefit You and Your Community More Than Voting in 2020? Vote on July 19!

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There were many lessons learned from the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. For the first time in modern history the nation was keenly aware of the reality that every vote counts toward getting their preferred leader elected to the highest position in the land. Voter turnout has significantly increased during the presidential election cycles. Unfortunately, the same enthusiasm was not replicated through voter turnout during the 2018 mid-term election or previous mid-term cycles. Statistics show that roughly 40% of the population eligible to vote, cast their ballot in midterm elections versus the 60% of eligible voters who typically turnout every four years for the presidential election. Many Americans view the presidential voting cycle as the only necessary time to vote. However, in doing so they miss the opportunity to elect local, state, and federal representatives whose job is to ensure the views of all Americans are considered in the laws developed to govern our daily lives.

Mid-term elections, often called a “referendum on the president” and their ability to implement the national policies highlighted in their vision for the country, should truly be seen as an opportunity to affirm or replace federal, state, and local representatives who are not providing the services promised to their community. It is only through this pathway that any national leader’s vision can truly be realized.

During a typical mid-term election one-third of U.S. senators, every member of the U.S. House of Representatives, state governors, mayors and county executives, sheriffs, and circuit court judges, are selected. Yet, most people stay home. Persons occupying these roles are meant to have a closer connection to the communities they serve and recommend laws and public policy reflecting that knowledge. Given their authority to affect change, it is equally if not more imperative to hold these representatives accountable through our votes.

With so much at stake locally you wonder why more airtime and attention has not been given to these 2022 races for elected positions. The good news is several local civic organizations, including The Psi Epsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®, have been doing its part to educate local residents on their options for local, state, and federal representation and encourage new voters to register and engage in the civic process ahead of the primary election on July 19, 2022.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry! The Psi Epsilon Omega Chapter: serving Laurel, Bowie, and Greenbelt, Maryland, is always available to provide helpful information to the community on voter registration, education, and engagement. Are you registered to vote? Do you know where your polling location is? Do you know your voting district and who your local and state representatives are? If you are unsure, we can help you! Please visit our microsite at: http://tinyurl.com/PEOConnect to connect with a virtual voter registration portal and an easy to use look up tool to identify elected officials based on your home address.

In the state of Maryland and in Prince Georges’ County what is on the ballot in 2022?

  • 1 U.S. Senate Seat
  • 8 U.S. House of Representative Seats
    • The district 4 representative for Prince Georges’ County is not running for re-election. There are many people competing for this seat.
  • Governor/Lt. Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Comptroller
  • Prince Georges’ County Executive
  • County Sheriff
  • Circuit and Orphan Court Justice Vacancies
  • Maryland General Assembly Senate and House of Delegate Seats

The only way for our communities to start looking like what we want to see is to stay actively involved in the electoral process. Get registered and get out to vote in 2022!

Tiffany N. Crawford

Psi Epsilon Omega Chapter Connection & Social Action Committee Chairman

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®

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