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Advertise in The Bowie Sun to connect with the locals, the folks who call Bowie home and others who work, shop and play in this welcoming suburb located just outside the nation's capital.

This culturally diverse city is known for its engaged citizens, well-educated professionals and retirees, family-friendly venues, entrepreneurial spirit, historic landmarks and leafy neighborhoods. 

Whether you have a public awareness campaign, a business to promote, a conference or other community event, you can easily reach the Bowie audience through this mobile-friendly digital newspaper and the forthcoming email newsletter. 

For more information about The Bowie Sun, see the About Us page. 

    In the age of automated ads, The Bowie Sun still welcomes local advertisers, including: 

    • Local sports clubs, arts and entertainment venues
    • Nonprofits and faith groups
    • Local businesses, entrepreneurs and local authors
    • Local colleges, K-12 schools, libraries and museums
    • Medical and mental health providers 
    • And more!

          Share an upcoming performance, conference or other public event in The Bowie Sun calendar, free of charge. Link your event to an ad for increased visibility. For more information, see the Bowie Sun event builder.

          Share critical information with the Bowie area, a major demographic to target for public awareness campaigns, public notices and other announcements. These include government announcements, obituaries and milestones such as births, adoptions, marriages and graduations, all of which appear in the community section, free of charge. Link your public notice to an ad for increased visibility.

          List job opportunities, items for sale, housing and other classifieds in The Bowie Sun community section, free of charge. Link your classified to an ad for increased visibility.

          • Help wanted and services offered
          • Lost and found
          • For sale and housing

          Major sponsors receive a set number of ads and/or featured events for the year. For sponsorship rates, see the Support Us page. Gifts to the Bowie Sun are not tax-deductible. 

          The Bowie Sun seeks nonpartisan sponsors for themed newsletters, issue forums, and consumer information guides, such as voter and back-to-school guides that help citizens navigate their community and local government.

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